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Welcome to Wolf Baseball Camp

Camp this year is Monday, June 10th through Friday, June 14th. For more information, see the 2024 Camp tab. Click the link below to be reminded when to register for camp!


About Wolf Baseball Camp

Wolf Baseball Camp is a week long camp in Deerfield, Illinois. The camp focuses on providing a fun environment for baseball players of all skill levels to improve and build character. Camp days are made up of a variety of drills and competitions. Some of these are similar to those at a DYBA house or travel practice, while others are more nontraditional. However, all drills and competitions emphasize a particular skill in the same way it is taught in both the DYBA and Deerfield High School programs. Our small group sizes also allow each camper to receive individualized coaching from counselors. For more information, please see other sections of our website or contact us with any questions you may have.

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What Drives Camp

Fun, Skill Development, and Character Building



Camp's goal is for every camper to leave excited to come back to the field the next day.


Skill Development

We use a combination of traditional and nontraditional drills to improve campers' fundamentals in a fun way. This means some drills may resemble a typical house or travel practice.  Others may involve competitions or even different sports to emphasize skills in an engaging way. Regardless of the type of drill, every skill and technique is taught the same as in the DYBA and DHS programs.


Character Building

Each day of camp features a different Lesson of the Day. These lessons focus on showing, rather than telling, campers the value of different attributes. Past lessons have focused on teamwork, communication, and leadership.

2019 Staff Photo.jpeg


All counselors at camp have played in both the DYBA and Deerfield High School baseball programs. This ensures everything that is worked on at camp follows the preferred method or technique for the Deerfield baseball programs. Many counselors are also assistant and head coaches within the DYBA travel program.

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